Rave Reviews!

“Al helped us learn how to get back to the basics we started this company with and develop staff members who are now on the same page with our goals. Imagine the possibility of a company that has its employees working for the same goals as the owners.”


Mark & Miranda Paup
Golden Rule Plumbing
Grimes, IA

“As a result of the Planning Power! consultation with Al Levi, I now have a clear idea of everything that needs to change and a timeframe in which to do it.”

John Curley
Thomas Curley Plumbing & Heating
Great Neck, NY
“Before Al, I had lost much of my enthusiasm. But my success is “very important” to him. Al Levi has helped restore a sense of purpose to what I do by helping me run my business the right way.”

Mark Corn, President
Bud’s Plumbing Service, Inc.
Evansville, IN
“We selected a new flat rate manual and Al has taught us selling strategies for our new pricing – and it’s resulting in higher sales per job and greater profits. Bad repairs that hurt the company and resulted in a greater call-back ratio have been identified and eliminated.”

Greg & Julio Delgado
Fuel 2000
Revere, MA
“When Al’s Needs Assessment Report arrived by email I was so fired up that I stayed up way past midnight talking with my wife. When was the last time you stayed up late to have an exciting conversation with your wife about work?”

Wayne Beck, President
Aladdin Air Conditioning And Heating, Inc.
Newbury Park, CA
“We have already seen some positive changes taking place since Al’s Planning Power! visit. Our ‘new way of thinking’ is starting to show in the attitudes of our people. We are really excited and looking forward to working more with Al. Thanks so much!”

Don & Glenda Moore, Owners
Integrity Plumbing
Florence, OR
“Al has enabled us to look at this business in a totally new way. We no longer blame our employees for our failures. We’ve learned that we have a responsibility to them and to us, to make this a more rewarding place to work. We finally have the power to take our company to the next level!”

Jim Criniti, Gen Mgr
Zoom Sewer & Drain, Inc.
Oreland, PA
Our last Planning Power Session was very intense. Al spent a lot of time interviewing employees in order to get a “real” feel for how the Company conducts business on a day-to-day basis versus what he may have been told by either myself or just one or two other people in the organization.

Jim Deiter
Deiter Brothers
Bethlehem, PA
Al’s visit was a real eye opener. Now we have a clear agenda of projects and can stay focused on the changes we need to make. For example, we plan to implement a field supervisors program, and we now know that we want and need to get out of the warehouse business. As a direct result of Al’s visit,we are actually accomplishing goals and the company is growing!

Adam Belitz, Partner
Gold Medal
East Brunswick, NJ
Al will challenge you to be better: better with your people; better with your customers; and better with your family. The challenge is energizing and will give your people new-found enthusiasm and purpose.

Barry Kindt
Camp Hill, PA
And we’re really looking forward to having Al back to write our Customized Operations Manual so I can build more staff who know the way I want things done. Its been great having Al around as a mentor.

Patrick Grogan
Pat The Plumber
Topeka, KS
Going through a needs assessment with Al puts all of your problems out into the open. It’s sort of like going to confession and you feel better after a very tough day of identifying portions of your business that need some serious work.

Tim Flynn, Co-Owner
Winters Plumbing
Belmont, MA
Why do we still pay Al Levi for ongoing consulting three years after we first started working together?
Because I know how easy it would be to fall back into our old bad habits.

Steve Lowry, Owner
Lowry Electric, Inc.
Hatfield, PA
After numerous conversations with Al Levi, I decided that Al was someone who not only had been in my shoes
but had made big changes for his own company. Al Levi has the knowledge of being an employee for not only his dad but his brothers as well and had operated a contracting business for more than 25 years.

Mendy Calegari-Demushkin
Roto-Rooter Plumbers
Marin County, CA
Before Al came, everything seemed like an emergency and we were always in crisis mode. Now that we’ve gone through the Planning Power! program, we know what projects to work on at the right time.

Ken Sparrow
Gibbons Electric
Arlington, MA
My company is so much more under control these days just since Al’s first visit here to do Planning Power! We not only know what to do, but we’re doing it!

Pete Wood
Rooter MD Plumbing
Livonia, MI
Before the Planning Power! visit with Al, I had a lot of ideas without much focus. Today I have a plan for success in play.

David McKenna
American Specialty
Clark, NJ
Working with Al on planning power and operating power has really aligned our priorities and focused our energies on the big projects that we need to be working on, as well as …

Brent Brooks
Brooks Construction Group Inc.
Gilbert, AZ
Right from the get-go, Al helped us assess our priority projects that needed to be worked on. We assembled the top five of those projects, and after less than a year of working with Al, changes are being made that have helped us leap forward to become a better run, better-managed company–and on top of that, a profitable company.

Ed Turek
Turek’s Plumbing Inc.
Appleton, WI